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The first relationship management tool specifically for frontline managers

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60% of new managers underperform during the first two years

those managers that survive develop bad habits that stay with them throughout their career
Equipping Managers

Notably makes great managers who have a positive impact in all areas of your organization

Putting Employees First

Notably helps managers put employees first which makes them feel cared for and valued

Lowering Turnover

Employees who feel cared for and valued are more productive and stay longer

Quickly track and record interactions with employees

Notably is simple to use because we know managers don't have time for a complex app

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Employees don’t leave companies

Employees leave managers

I didn’t want to leave my job. I actually liked what I did. I quit because of my manager.

Jessica (entry level retail associate)*

Our manager didn’t care to get to know us. We really tried to stay but it was tough. A lot of us quit because of him.

Mike (cashier)*

I’ve found out there is a direct connection between the way I treat my employees and our store’s turnover.

Monique (overnight manager)*

I have 25 employees who I directly manage. It’s hard to remember the details in their lives.

José (associate store manager)*

Update on the Go

Help managers build trust with their employees by remembering the details in their lives. Customize categories that align with your company culture.

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Team Pulse

Different colored indicators show the last time a manger has checked-in with that employee. Managers aim for keeping all their employees in the green.

Soft Skill Insights

Reports give you valuable insights into how your managers are supporting, encouraging and growing your frontline workforce.

Companies haven’t been able to tangibly measure the soft-skills --- the people stuff... until now.

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