Reduce Employee Turnover

The first relationship management tool specifically for front-line managers in grocery, hospitality and box retail.

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Notably App Screen Recording - Adding and Update
Turnover is costing companies millions of dollars every single year.

Retention increases as managers build rapport with their teams.

Lower Turnover

Not all turnover is bad but companies are losing people they can’t afford to lose.

Put Employees First

When employees feel valued and cared for they are more productive and stay longer.

Equip Managers

Notably gives managers a tool they can use daily to check-in with their employees.

Notably enables managers to quickly track and record interactions with employees.

Front-line managers don’t have time for a complex app in their fast-paced environment.

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Notablly App Screenshot - Employee Updates
Notablly App Screenshot - Employee Info
Notablly App Screenshot - Updates List
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Update on the Go

Help managers build rapport with their associates by remembering the details in their lives. Customize categories according to your company culture.

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Team Pulse

Different colored dots indicate the last time a manger has checked-in with that associate. Managers aim for keeping all their associates in the green.

Soft Skill Insights

Reports give you valuable insights into how your managers are supporting, encouraging and growing your frontline workforce.

Companies haven’t been able to tangibly measure the soft-skills --- the people stuff... until now.

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